Vinyl Rules!

I buy and sell electronic dance music on vinyl.

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I love electronic dance music of all types. Drum 'n bass, techstep, neurofunk, jungle, uk hardcore, rave, house, deep house, tech house, prog house, uk garage, minimal, techno, breaks, big beat, electro, disco, trance, goa, or maybe even freestyle or industrial once in a while.

I love records. Their weight, their tactile feel, their sleeve art, their substance and permanence compared to today's trend towards digital releases. All of the variations, mispresses, special editions, colored and marbled vinyl. 7", 10", 12". 33 rpm, 45 rpm. It doesn't matter, I love it all.

Do you love vinyl records as much as I do? Are you ready to buy and expand your collection? Check out all of my records for sale through Discogs. Discogs is the online marketplace for vinyl enthusiasts. My prices are fair, my service is top notch, and I ship your purchase quickly. My seller feedback is great and with over 2000 transactions done, you can trust that I'm for real.

Do you want to sell your electronic dance music records? I'll take them! Are you moving and can't bring them with you? Just don't want to have 2000 pounds of plastic sitting in the house any more? Drop me a line using the contact form. Cash money is paid for the right stuff!

Can't be bothered with the process of picking, packing, and shipping but still want to sell your collection to people on Discogs? Let me do it for you! Contact me for details.

There are no flashy graphics, no complex templates, and no crazy MIDIs playing in the background to distract you from the sole purpose of this operation: to buy and sell electronic dance music on vinyl.